(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. photography, picture-taking; aerial, architectural, available-light, candid, digital, fashion, fine-art, infrared, laser, paper-negative, print, product, scenic, still, stereo-stroboscopic, tabletop, time-lapse, underwater, or wet-plate photography, black-and-white or color photography; silver-plate photography, daguerreotype; electron micrography; holography; photocopy[ing], xerography; photojournalism; portrait photography, portraiture; X-ray photography, radiography, skiagraphy; cinematography, motion-picture photography; photoengraving. See motion pictures, engraving, representation.
2. photograph, snapshot, picture, micrograph, tintype, ferrotype, photogram, hologram, collodion, calotype; X-ray, radiogram, radiography, skiagram; [photo]print, contact print, positive, negative, sepia; glossy, matte; contact or proof sheet; heat shot, closeup, mug shot, passport photo; photocopy, xerocopy, Xerox [copy], Photostat; blueprint; slide, transparency; enlargement, blowup; halation; photo ID. Informal, photo, shot.
3. camera, Kodak, Polaroid; aerial-reconnaissance, autofocus, box, folding, pinhole, single- or twin-lens reflex, or viewfinder camera; camera obscura or lucida; projector, magic lantern, slide projector or viewer; achromatic, anamorphic, anastigmatic, aplanatic, apochromatic, fisheye, fixed-focus, telephoto, wide-angle, or zoom lens, lens cap, lens shade; bellows, shutter, diaphragm, viewfinder, rangefinder, tripod, monopod, cable release; depth of field, angle of view, definition, contrast; flash, flashgun, flashbulb, flashcube, strobe, snoot.
4. digital camera, digicam; charge coupled device (CCD) or CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensor, digital signal processor (DSP); resolution, pixel; JPEG, FlashPIX.
5. color, black-and-white, orthochromatic, nonchromatic, panchromatic, or monochromatic film, microfilm, sheet film, emulsion, plate; filmholder, black back, cartridge, [film] pack, magazine; light or exposure meter; darkroom, safelight, enlarger, developer, fixative, stop bath. Informal, soup.
6. photographer, cameraman; daguerreotypist, calotypist; news photographer, photojournalist, paparazzo; radiographer, X-ray technician. Informal, shutterbug.
Verbs — photograph, take a picture (of), snap; X-ray, radiograph; develop, process, print, blow up, enlarge; project. Informal, shoot.
Adjectives — photographic; telephoto; photogenic; photosensitive.
Phrases — a picture is worth a thousand words.
Quotations — The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera (Dorothea Lange); Photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure (Tony Benn).
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. picture-taking, portrait photography, view photography, aerial photography, tactical photography, photogrammetry, candid camera photography, snapshooting*; see also reproduction 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
picture-taking, still photography, portraiture, cinematography. ''Instantaneous art.''—M.F. Agha. ''A form of voyeurism.''—Joseph Strick.
altering photos with dye: airbrushing, retouching
border for photo: matte
borderless or faded border photo: vignette
brushup work in lab: airbrush, retouch
chemical solution used in developing: fixer, stop bath
converts light to electricity in scanners, copiers, camcorders: charged coupled device (CCD)
dawn and dusk hours: magic hour
details, bringing out: computer enhancement
dual-image photo: double exposure
electronic: digital photography
electronic memory chip for storing images: card
enlargement for photo: blowup
enlarges photos: enlarger
exposure, long: time exposure
focus range of image: depth of field
glaring photo imperfection: overexposure
illuminate subject from behind: backlight
lab: darkroom
lens aperture setting: F-stop
lens, effects: filter, anamorphic lens, fisheye, long-focus lens, portrait lens, telephoto lens, wide angle lens, zoom lens
lens for photographing tiny objects: macro lens
light facing camera technique: contre jour
light-measuring device: light meter, photometer, exposure meter
microscopic photography: photomicography
opening in camera lens: aperture
photographers, freelance celebrity: paparazzo, paparazzi
photographs well, subject that: photogenic
room: studio, darkroom
points, individual electronic image: pixels
sensitivity of film to light: film speed
stand, camera: tripod, high hat
three-dimensional photography: holography
three-dimensional photo: hologram, anaglyph

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